Jane Davenport - Delightful Denim Joyful Gess-Oh!, 50ml

Jane Davenport - Delightful Denim Joyful Gess-Oh!, 50ml
kr 85,00


Pigmentert, matt akrylmaling, 50 ml

Akrylmaling med god dekkevne fra Cosmic Shimmer og Jane Davenport til kortlaging og papirhobby, art journaling og mixed media.

Jane is on a mission to introduce everyone to their creative side. Jane’s products are designed to hold the hand of beginners and to help expand the possibilities for the more experienced crafter and artist, a real talent with a love of colour. This paint has been developed with that in mind bringing you a uniquely formulated ultra-matte acrylic paint crafted to use as a bright velvety base. The velvety finish makes all forms of media behave at their colourful best. Great to use for upcycling projects to create a vintage effect. It can be used to stamp with and as a base for collage sheets. 50ml bottle. Made in the UK.

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