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Lindy's Stamp Gang Clearly Clear Embossing Powder

Lindy's Stamp Gang Clearly Clear Embossing Powder
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Embossing pulver, 1 boks
Embossing pulver fra Lindys Stamp Gang til kortlaging og liknende papirhobby. Pulveret må brukes sammen med varmluftpistol og en eller annen form for lim/feste for embossing. Drop dead gorgeous, two-toned colors will blow your socks off! This high quality, fine embossing powder is unique in its vibrant color and superb shimmer! LINDYS STAMP GANG-Two Tone Embossing Powder. Incredible, vibrant, unique two-toned colors like nothing you have ever seen before! These dye based colors are mostly permanent on any porous surface. Fill with hot filtered water or a medium to hydrate. This package contains one 0.5oz jar of embossing powder. Comes in a variety of colors. Each sold separately. Made in USA.