Crafters Companion - Iced Silver Shimmer Spray, 50 ml

Crafters Companion - Iced Silver Shimmer Spray, 50 ml
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  • Crafters Companion - Iced Silver Shimmer Spray, 50 ml
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Shimmerspray, hvittsølv, 50 ml

Gi prosjektene dine en shimmer effekt med shimmerspray fra Crafter's Companion. Rist godt og spray over prosjektet.

Give every make a unique sparkling finish with Crafter’s Companion Shimmer Spray! Each bottle is packed with extra-fine, shimmering mica. Simply spray onto your craft projects to create a range of magical effects. With 10 glittering colours to choose from, you can give cards, mixed media projects and home decor makes a lustrous finish for any occasion or theme. Frosty and elegant - The Iced Silver Shimmer Spray from Crafter’s Companion is filled with shimmering silver mica in clear liquid a to create a subtle, shimmering silver effect. Perfect for frosty, winter themes, sparkling looks and more. Easy application - Simply spray or spritz directly onto your craft project to enjoy artistic splashes of glittering colour. For a more controlled application, pour a small amount into a palette and pick up with a paintbrush. Perfect for papercraft - Use your shimmer spray with stencils to create glittering patterns and centrepiece designs. Or spray directly onto your card blank or scrapbook page to create a shimmering background or layered border. Multi-surface - Crafter’s Companion Shimmer Sprays can be used with paper, wood, fabric and other porous surfaces and materials. So you can give so many makes a shimmering finish, from customised wall hangings and tote bags to wooden signs and so much more! Find your perfect shade - Water-based and non-toxic, each bottle is filled with 50ml of premium Shimmer Spray. There are 10 Crafter’s Companion Shimmer Sprays to choose from, so whatever your theme or occasion you can add a glittering finish. And why not create your own custom shade by mixing colours in a Fine Spray Mister?

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